Turkey’s President Delivered Speech At UCAV Delivery: Turkey No. 4 Country in UCAV Technology

TURKEY (August 29, 2021)—President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan delivered a speech at course completion and delivery ceremony of Bayraktar Akıncı Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle (UCAV).

“We have gathered here today for the delivery of Akıncı UCAV, which is the new symbol of Turkey’s engineering capabilities and the new representative of our independence in the sky,” President Erdoğan said.

“Our defense industry has played the leading part in the success story Turkey wrote in the past 19 years. The level we have reached in UAV technologies symbolizes the success of our capabilities in defense industry which is acknowledged by the entire world,” President Erdoğan underlined.

“With Akıncı UCAV, Turkey has become one of the top 3 countries in this technology,” President Erdoğan said, congratulating the dedicated engineers, technicians, workers, and everyone who contributed to the design, development and production of the Akıncı UCAV.


“As Turkey, our principle is to use every technology we develop for the benefit of the entire humanity. We act with the same perspective and feelings in defense industry as well,” President Erdoğan said.

“The humanitarian tragedies we have prevented in Syria, Libya and Azerbaijan are a result of this understanding. That’s why every ground the Turkish troops set foot on and the skies the Turkish UAVs and UCAVs fly in find peace. Those, who look down their nose at the local people in every region they go from South Asia to North Africa, from the Middle East to the Balkans, are surely not happy about that. Those, who have always sought to steal from other people and work for their self-interests, do not welcome this picture. That’s why they are trying to widen the circle of fire in our region to encompass Turkey.”

Noting that such terrorist organizations as the PKK, DAESH, FETO and the YPG were used to pull Turkey into trouble, President Erdoğan said: “When the terrorist organizations failed, they tried to get results through overt/covert embargos, economic traps and diplomatic intrigues. Our nation have defended their unity, solidarity and brotherhood, and we have overcome all these plots thanks to Allah’s help. The result Turkey achieved in the past 19 years is the shared accomplishment of our 84 million people.”


Source: President of Turkey

Featured Photo: Turkish President Erdogan arrives in Sarajevo, August 27, 2021

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