White House Holds Press Briefing

CITY OF WASHINGTON (September 1, 2021)— White House Secretary to hold Press briefing with a select number of press members.


  • Hurricane Ida– 1 million people remain without power across Louisiana.  Restoration could take weeks.  Biden held meeting with heads of the electric companies.
  • Corps of Engineers and other federal agencies are on the ground.  The federal government has deployed ambulances by FEMA and generators.
  • The administration advises families to apply for federal approved assistance.
  • Biden to travel to Louisiana Friday.
  • White House and agencies to create 100,000 affordable homes–specifically increasing financing.  
  • ChildTaxCredit.gov–to create a friendly signup tool for tax credits.
  • White House continues to track COVID-19 data through CDC.  The White House alleges that COVID-19  vaccinations–are effective.
  • White House: Biden issued a statement–stating that the Texas abortion law–violates Roe vs. Wade.
  • COVID-19 boosters needed–and plan needed to implement.
  • White House Secretary would not comment on private conversations between diplomats or leaked information.  The Secretary stated that Biden has stated–several times–the Afghan leaders should lead.
  • White House Secretary said: The President  has consistently conveyed–the Afghan needs to unite and lead.
  • Secretary Defense confirmed that 20,000 refugees have been transported into the USA.  But as many as 50,000 are expected.
  • Refugees security risk to the USA: the White House Secretary–stated that she assures the USA that no one has been allowed to enter the USA without a background check.
  • The White House is working on a safe travel policy–with standards and clarity.  
  • Left Behind Americans: the White House Secretary failed to respond to the reporters questions regarding Americans left behind in Afghan. Psaki said that the USA is tracking the numbers of USA citizens–who are privately leaving Afghan.  There isn’t any other plans.   Psaki added–that there is a diplomatic front–who is operational and working.  The Secretary claimed that the administration is in rough with every USA citizen.
  • Press Secretary: 120,000 were evacuated.  The admin offered many opportunities for citizens to leave Afghan.  Helicopters were used to transport citizens to the airport–including getting Afghan partners out safely.
  • China: the Press Secretary said that China doesn’t have the power on their own —


Source: White House

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