G7 Group Urged Tunisia’s President To Appoint A New Head Of Government and “Return To A Constitutional Order”

The G7 group of advanced economies has urged Tunisia’s President Kais Saied to appoint a new head of government and “return to a constitutional order”, weeks after his his power grab that opponents have branded a coup.

The statement from the G7 ambassadors, put out by the British Embassy on social media on Monday, is the most significant public expression of unease by major democracies since Saied seized governing powers in July.

UK in Tunisia tweeted “The sooner that President Kais Saied can convey a clear sense of the way forward that responds to the needs of the Tunisian people, the sooner Tunisia can focus on tackling the economic, health and social challenges facing the country.”

“We urge a swift return to a constitutional order, in which an elected parliament plays a significant role,” the statement said.

“We underline the urgent need to appoint a new head of government to form a capable government able to address the immediate economic and health crises facing Tunisia.”


Source: AFP contributed to the article.

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