Former Rwandan Army Lieutenant Gunned Down in Mozambique

MOZAMBIQUE– (September 14, 2021)—A prominent Rwandan member of the Rwandan refugee community in Mozambique, who had told police there was a plot to kill him, has been shot dead. 

Révocat Karemangingo had been a lieutenant in the Rwandan army that was overthrown in 1994 by forces led by President Paul Kagame. He was targeted in 2016.  Mr.  Karemangingo had warned the authorities that there were people with links to Rwanda who were plotting to kill him, refugee association chairman Cléophas Habiyaremye told the BBC.

In Mozambique he became a businessman and was not involved in politics, the leader of the refugee community said.

The Rwandan government has been accused of targeting opponents living abroad.

Mr Karemangingo, who was the treasurer of the Rwandan refugee association, was driving to his home near the Mozambican capital, Maputo, when his car was ambushed on Monday.

He was shot nine times, police said.

No-one has been arrested so far and the police do not yet have a motive for the killing.

BBC News wrote the original article.

A. Anderson reporting, Bee News Daily

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