White House Daily Briefing, 9/24/2021

CITY OF WASHINGTON (September 24, 2021)–White House holds their daily press briefing.


  • The Psaki, White House Press Secretary did not respond effectively to the reporters question about Julian Assange after receiving email months ago.
  • Psaki: Biden frustrated about moving police reform forwarded—although there is an agreement with police organizations and advocates.
  • COVID-19 vaccination data discussed.  Over 75% vaccinated. There have been a rising fear of the Delta virus.  Psaki did not respond effectively to the reporters question about the effectiveness of eradicating COVID-19.  The Biden’s admin wants to vaccinate as many people as possible–no cap.
  • Psaki responded to questions about the broken migration system. An immigration bill needs to pass Congress, said Psaki.  Not many Members of Congress are putting forth solutions–the White House is tired of speeches. The Vice President has been involved in this matter–working with governments–providing assistance. 
  • Psaki restated that the 3.5 trillion package–will not cost the taxpayers– “nothing.” 
  • Psaki could not provide specific information about the reason why Biden welcomes Ambassador via Zoom.
  • The Budget process: The Biden’s Administration met with Democrats at the White House for 5 hours to iron out the federal budget.  Psaki said, Biden “knows how the process works.”  Biden has lived through these processes in the past, said Psaki.  He knows he needs to listen and be a partner…. added Psaki.
  • Arizona recount— Psaki it confirms what we all have known for sometime.   
  • Psaki: Russian disinformation about Hunter Biden’s laptop.
  • Biden has no plans to visit the Southern Border, but his advisors have visited the border.  He is aware of what the border challenges are.
  • Lack of food in Afghanistan.  According to Psaki, Department of Treasury announced a new program–to provide COVID-19, food and other humanatarian relief.

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