Virginia Gubernatorial Race: Candidate Doesn’t Support Parents Engagement In Educating Their Children

VIRGINIA (October 4, 2021)—-Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Terry McAuliffe’s failed education policies have failed the children in Virginia, but McAuliffe blames the parents by seeking to exclude them from participating in the schools curriculum. 


Glenn Youngkin  believes that parents should be in charge of children’s education. “we must demand that we include parents in this dialogue,”  in regards to safety and sex explicit  education.  McAuliffe vetoed the bill to include parents in the making curriculum decisions. McAuliffe said during the last  debate  “I’m not going to allow parents to come into schools.. and make their own decisions.”  McAuliffe doesn’t believe that parents should be “telling schools” what to teach.

Source: WSLS 10 Virginia

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