10/4/2021: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki

CITY OF WASHINGTON (October 4, 2021)— the White House held their daily briefing Monday.


  • USDA’s Secretary to address the vulnerabilities in our food system. The agency will use the American Rescue Plan Funds– $5 million to support farmers.
  • Question: Sheltering the assets of the rich and powerful. Should stats be allowed to continue to set sort of these Financial regulations that make some States including Delaware some other states particularly attractive for these Trust well broadly?
  • Biden to continue to push forward his Infrastructure and Reconciliation Bills.
  • Press Secretary Psaki: “the debt is for paying bills.” And Rebuilding our roads and bridges and be competitive against China.  
  • Biden asked in regards to the budget and debt ceiling: “why should we play around the the American security?” 
  • Biden has changed his position regarding tax increases and how he will pay for the $3. Trillion bill. A “toned down” plan.
  • Freedom To Protest: Question “has the President ever been chased into a bathroom”. Biden stands for the fundamental right–to protest.
  • Psaki did not fully respond to questions regarding Hunter Biden.  
  • Psaki said regarding invoking the 14th Amendment.  There is a simple process that should be done—all Republicans have to do is to “get out of the way.”
  • Psaki said: Public Service Forgiveness Program–fixing this program is a priority–the US Education Department to make a major announcement regarding the loan program.

Secretary Psaki 


Source: White House Secretary displayed this chart as justification for raising the Country’s debt ceiling for the 83rd time.  


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