US Capitol Police Arrested A Driver With A Controlled Explosive Device At The US Supreme Court

CITY OF WASHINGTON (October 5, 2021)—An explosion was heard outside the US Supreme Court shortly after the US Capitol Police closed roads to investigate a suspicious vehicle, according to reports.

Moments after US Capitol Police said in a statement they were trying to talk to the driver, reports emerged online that they were planning a controlled explosion, followed by witness accounts that an explosion was.  US Capitol Police perform ‘controlled explosion’ on suspicious vehicle outside Supreme Court, reports say.



Around 11:00 AM EST the US Capitol Police tweeted “We are investigating a suspicious vehicle in front of the Supreme Court along First Street, NE. Please stay away from the area. We will provide more information as soon as we can.”


At 11:03 AM EST

The US Capitol Police tweeted “The United States Capitol Police will be holding a news conference at 11:45 am at the Russell Park stakeout location along Delaware Avenue, NE between Constitution Avenue and C Street, NE.”


At 11:18 AM the US Capitol Police tweeted: “The suspect has been identified as Dale Paul Melvin (DOB: 9/4/66) of Kimball, MI.”


The US Capitol Police “are continuing to investigate.  

Source: US Capitol Police






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