President Biden Delivers Remarks on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill & Build Back Better Agenda

MICHIGAN (October 5, 2021)—today President Joe Biden delivered remarks on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill and Build Back Better Agenda.


  • Biden: welcomed by a small and subdued crowd.
  • Biden “everything will be paid for–and not a penny raised in taxes for anyone making less than $400,000 grand.”
  • Biden: We invested in our infrastructure, roads, bridges, highway, airports and the arties of our nation–we invested in our people and opportunity. Our infrastructure use to be the best in the World. We now ranked 13th  according the Economic Forum–12 nations have better infrastructure–which means they can move product and do things better than we can do it. 
  • We lead the World in research and development including the creation of the  Internet.  We’ve taken our foot off the gas. 
  • Our adversaries are closing the gap.
  • Biden proposed two critical pieces of legislation: a bill that will invest in our physical Infrastructure and a bill — investing in our human infrastructure.

Source: White House

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