FBI Raided Major NYPD Union, LI Home and The Sergeants Benevolent Association

NEW YORK (October 5, 2021)–Federal investigators descended Tuesday on the lower Manhattan headquarters of a major NYPD union, the Sergeants Benevolent Association, as well as the Long Island home of its controversial president, Ed Mullins.

A parade of FBI agents, clutching boxes and a black garbage bag, emerged from the SBA offices and loaded their cargo into a waiting minivan before heading off. One of the boxes appeared to hold a hard drive, and another was filled with what looked like electronics equipment removed hours after the stunning news of the probe became public.

While the details of the investigation remained under wraps, an FBI spokeswoman confirmed to the Daily News that the agency was “carrying out a law enforcement action in connection with an ongoing investigation” into the SBA shortly after the coordinated seizures began.

“Ed Mullins, who famously called me a ‘first-class whore’ for daring to ask questions about the SBA, just got a first-class raid from the FBI,” tweeted Rep. Ritchie Torres (D-Bronx) as word of the investigation spread.

A spokesman for the Manhattan U.S. Attorney’s Office of New York declined to comment on the purpose of the raids.

The Sergeants Benevolent Association is headed by Mullins, a brash leader known for his over-the-top social media attacks on NYPD leadership and Mayor de Blasio. A member of the NYPD since January 1982, Mullins took over as head of the SBA on July 1, 2002.

Mullins was already facing an internal MYPD probe prior to his arrest over his bigoted and profane statements on Twitter.

“I’ve long felt there’s nothing benevolent about Ed Mullins of the Sergeants Benevolent Association,” Torres told The News. “We’ve long known he’s morally corrupt. But maybe he’s legally corrupt too. He has no business in the NYPD … He should have been fired a long time ago.”

De Blasio, at an unrelated news conference shortly after the raid, said he had no further details on what happened. He then unloaded on Mullins.

“A lot of what he’s done has been really, really destructive — especially in the middle of a crisis where we’re trying to unify and we’re trying to get through together. I think he’s been a divisive voice,” de Blasio said. “All I hear is the FBI raid. I want to hear the details before I comment further.”

Mullins came under fire in 2020 when he posted the arrest report of de Blasio’s daughter,  Chiara de Blasio, on social media following her arrest during George Floyd protests. Mullins was hit with departmental charges for the violation of NYPD rules.

In another instance during the pandemic, Mullins tweeted that the city’s health commissioner was a “b—h” who had “blood on her hands” after she sparred with the NYPD over half a million hospital-grade face masks.

He is an outspoken backer of President Donald Trump and visited Trump at the White House in February 2020. He grabbed headlines in July 2020 for giving an interview on Fox News with a QAnon coffee mug in the background.

In a piece written earlier this summer for the Mail Online, the Greenwich Village native tore into the soon-to-depart mayor’s two terms in City Hall.

“Since first taking office in 2014, de Blasio’s incendiary anti-police rhetoric has already resulted in three police officers being executed while sitting in police vehicles, Molotov cocktails being lobbed at officers and into police vehicles, armed assaults on police facilities, cops being pelted with debris, and wholesale damage to police and public property,” he wrote.

Mullins represents 11,000 members and serves as the union’s chief spokesman, weighing in frequently on a variety of issues.

Source: Daily News wrote the original article.

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