10/6/2021: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki

CITY OF WASHINGTON (October 6, 2021)—Press Secretary Jen Psaki holding her daily briefing to discuss the State of the Biden’s Administration plans in regards to National Security, the debt ceiling, unemployment, crime, foreign policy, education, health,  etc.


  • Tomorrow, Biden to visit Illinois to focus on vaccination requirements and mandates.
  • The White House has not received any offer in regards to the budget.  A press release is not an offer, said Psaki.
  • Biden’s and Xi’s telephone call–
  • Psaki: “we don’t need to kick the can” the debt ceiling vote has been delayed–.
  • Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has offered a plan to raise the debt limit through December 2021.  
  • 48 Debt Ceiling option is on the table or at least if the Biden’s administration agrees with McConnell–the ceiling will be raised for 8 weeks.
  • Parents Labeled against parents as terrorists: Psaki referred to the AG’s letter to the FBI asking the agency to investigate school board protestors who are parents.  Threats against public servants are not protected, but the parents have civil rights to object to their actions.
  • John Kerry: Psaki said she traveled with John Kerry abroad 25 times–did not specifically respond to the questions about France.
  • Filibuster: Biden has conveyed that their are options–what is very clear–is the risk free option–raise the debt–spending spree continues—debt raises.  
  • Federal Reserve: Biden is confident in the Federal Reserve.
  • Biden continues to be committed to “getting rid of the Hyde Amendment” as promised during his campaign, said Psaki.  US Senator Manchin (D-West Virginia) does not support Biden’s promises.  Manchin said in a released statement that he does not support any budget  package without the amendment, which bans the use of federal funds for abortions in most cases and has been included in annual government funding bills since it was introduced by then-Rep. Henry Hyde (R-Ill.) in the 1970s.


Source: White House video.

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