Apple is working on new tech that allow CarPlay to access functions like climate-control system, speedometer, radio and seats

Apple wants to use its CarPlay feature used in new cars and trucks and control certain aspects of a car’s dashboard like climate, the radio and how a person sits.

The nascent initiative inside the tech giant, known as ‘IronHeart,’ will need the help of automakers that already use CarPlay, such as BMW, GM and a bevy of other major automakers, according to Bloomberg, which first reported the news.

‘IronHeart’ would take control of a car’s controls and settings, including inside and outside temperature readings; changing the temperature zones, fans and defroster systems; and changing the volume on speakers and the cars’ in-vehicle audio system.

The project may also include changing how a person’s seat is configured, as well as having input into the car’s speedometer, tachometer and fuel gauges. 

In gaining access to the various systems, Apple could have a wider presence in the vehicles and the data could be used by Apple or other companies to create new apps or features. 

It’s long been speculated that Apple is working on building its own car, but the idea could drive auto-related revenue for the world’s most valuable company, even if it does not build its own car. 

CarPlay, which works for drivers who have iPhones, is currently used for a number of different tasks, including receiving and making phone calls, maps, music and text messages, using a person’s voice. has reached out to Apple with a request for comment for this story.

Launched in 2014, CarPlay – which integrates into the car – allows drivers to have a ‘smarter, safer and more fun way to use an iPhone in the car.’

However, Bloomberg notes that some users have complained about switching between CarPlay and existing systems to control the aforementioned functions.

According to Apple’s website, CarPlay is available on more than 600 models from various automakers, including Acura, BMW, Ford and Toyota.

It can also be used in conjunction with aftermarket sound systems from makers such as Kenwood, Alpine and Sony.

It’s unclear at this point if a larger CarPlay presence would go over well with automakers.

Tesla famously has not integrated CarPlay nor has it integrated Google’s Android Auto.

In December, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said he offered to sell Tesla to Apple ‘during the darkest days of the Model 3 program,’ but Apple CEO Tim Cook did not take his call.

It’s unclear why Tesla has not integrated CarPlay as other auto makers have.

CarPlay also integrates third-party apps from carmakers and other companies as users look to safely use their iPhone while in their vehicles.

An expansion of CarPlay would be the latest auto-related initiative from the iPhone giant.

In 2020, Apple’s iOS 14 let users unlock, lock and start their cars with an iPhone or Apple Watch with a feature known as CarKey. 

As part of iOS 15, Apple removed support to allow Siri to control some of the features that are being worked on as part of ‘IronHeart’, including changing radio stations, moving seats and operating climate settings.

It’s unclear if the possible expansion of CarPlay is related to Apple’s own car efforts.

Last month, Apple was said to have been meeting with Toyota executives to discuss building an Apple-branded car that could be unveiled as soon as 2024. 

In 2017, CEO Cook confirmed Apple was working on a car-related project, but the project, known as Titan, has undergone a series of bumps in recent years.

Also in September, Doug Field, who had been reportedly been working on Apple’s car project, left the tech giant to move to Ford, becoming the automaker’s Chief Advanced Technology and embedded systems officer.

Kevin Lynch, who had worked on Apple Watch and Health software, is reported to have taken over for Field on the Apple car project.

Source: Daily Mail UK wrote the original article.

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