Argument Between Gang Members Led To Mass Shooting In Atlixco, At least 9 Dead

MEXICO (March 10, 2022)— An argument between gang members allegedly led to the mass shooting, Puebla’s second in a week. At least nine people were killed and one gravely injured at a shooting in Puebla in the early morning on Wednesday.

Six men and three women were gunned down inside a house in the Francisco I. Madero neighborhood of Atlixco, 35 kilometers southwest of Puebla city. Another man was shot three times and taken to hospital.

An argument could be heard in the house before the shootings started, the newspaper Reforma reported.

Governor Miguel Barbosa said the mass homicide was caused by a dispute between people involved with selling drugs.

“Evidently, from the data we have, the place where these people were killed was a place for the distribution and sale of drugs … So far, the information does not reveal the identity of those executed. Apparently, they are not from Atlixco nor are they from Puebla … It was an execution between gangs, people who came to Atlixco to commit crimes of drug dealing,” he said.

Barbosa added that the killings were a cause for concern. “Worried? Yes, it does worry us, but … we are composed, with very well-defined convictions about the role that the authorities should play in these events.”

The governor added that agents from the National Kidnapping Commission would travel to Atlixco to investigate the killings.

Meanwhile, five people were killed last Thursday in Chalchicomula de Sesma, near the Veracruz border. About that incident, Barbosa said the four men and one woman killed had all been engaged in criminal activity.


Source: Reforma wrote the original article.

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