Arizona Enacts Law Requiring Proof Of Citizenship To Vote

ARIZONA (March 31, 2022)— Arizona lawmakers are celebrating the enactment of HB 2492, legislation that requires proof of U.S. citizenship to vote in Arizona elections.

“Today is a historic day for Arizona and a great victory for Arizonans and all Americans alike. The signing into law of Arizona House Bill 2492, which requires verification of U.S. citizenship to be eligible to vote in Arizona elections, is a giant step toward ensuring elections are easy, convenient, and secure in our state,” said State Representative Jake Hoffman.




Hoffman was the sponsor of HB 2492  said “HB 2492 is an incredibly well-crafted piece of legislation that is on sound legal footing and broadly supported by voters of all plitical parties.”

Hoffman is confident that if the Democrats challenge the legislation in court “it will only serve to further reinforce its clear constitutionality.”

Source: Arizona House of Representative Jake Hoffman

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