Russia Registered Its Nasal Vaccine Against COVID-19 Infection Although Sanctioned

MOSCOW (April 1, 2022)—The Russian news agency TASS in January reported that the nasal vaccine against the novel coronavirus infection will be in civil circulation and available for Russians within 3-4 months, quoting the director of the Gamaleya Centre, Alexander Gintsburg. The Gamalaya Centre, a research institute, is the manufacturer of Sputnik V.

In October 2021, the Russian health ministry authorized the second phase clinical trials of the coronavirus vaccine in the nasal spray form.

“Laboratory tests show the Sputnik V protects against Omicron in its ordinary injection form, and it will certainly be efficient in the nasal form,” Gintsburg told TASS.

The Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine was administered first in India in Hyderabad in May 2021. The first consignment of imported doses of the Sputnik V vaccine landed in India on May 1, and received regulatory clearance from the Central Drugs Laboratory on May 13, 2021.

Sputnik Vaccine announced  in a tweet ” Russian Health Ministry registers the nasal version of Sputnik V, the world’s first nasal vaccine against COVID-19″ 

Russia has been hit with severe economic sanctions by the West following its invasion of Ukraine. Top government officials and the country’s businessmen face punitive measures as the West mounts pressure on Moscow to de-escalate its military offensive in Ukraine.

Among those hit by sanctions is the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which is the sovereign wealth fund of the Russian Federation, and its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Kirill Dmitriev. RDIF is the backer of Sputnik V Covid-19 vaccine, which has been developed by the government’s Gamaleya Research Institute.

In a statement, RDIF called the sanctions “politically motivated” and lobbied by large Western pharmaceutical companies.

“Imposition of sanctions against RDIF, which from the moment it was established has stood for building international relations and supporting constructive ties, demonstrates that the US has picked the course to destroy constructive dialogue between countries,” the statement read.

“The restrictions imposed by the US authorities complicating RDIF efforts on the international promotion of the Russian vaccine products, have been lobbied by a number of large Western pharmaceutical companies. As a result of such unfair competition, billions of people around the world may be deprived of access to effective and safe Russian-made vaccines,” the statement added.

Source: India Today wrote the article.

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