U.S. And Britain Announced Plans To Seek Russia’s Suspension From The UN Human Rights Council

(April 5, 2022)—The United States and Britain announced plans to seek Russia’s suspension from the UN human rights council following allegations that Russian troops systematically executed civilians in Bucha, Ukraine.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the US ambassador to the United Nations, called for the international body to suspend Russia ideally some time this week. In a statement published late on Sunday, she said:

“Russia’s participation on the Human Rights Council is a farce.”

It hurts the credibility of the Council and the UN writ large. And it is simply wrong. Which is why we believe it is time for the UN General Assembly to suspend them.

“My message to those 140 countries who have courageously stood together is: the images out of Bucha and devastation across Ukraine require us to now match our words with action.”

“We cannot let a member state that is subverting every principle we hold dear to continue to participate” in the council, she said. A vote on Russia’s suspension could be held by Thursday, according to the US.

British foreign secretary Liz Truss was in agreement, saying: “Given strong evidence of war crimes, including reports of mass graves and heinous butchery in Bucha, Russia cannot remain a member of the UN Human Rights Council. Russia must be suspended.”

Ukraine’s foreign minister, Dmytro Kuleba, said he spoke with UN secretary general Antonio Guterres about events in Bucha and tweeted: “No place for Russia on the UN Human Rights Council.”

“Ukraine will use all available UN mechanisms to collect evidence and hold Russian war criminals to account,” Kuleba said.


Source: The Guardian wrote the original article.

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