Zelenskyy Urged The U.N. Security to Seek “Full Accountability” For Actions Of Russian Forces

NEW YORK (April 5, 2022)—Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy  demanded war-crime probes in a video address to the U.N. Security Council Tuesday to hold Russian forces accountable after reports of bodies lining the streets of a Kyiv suburb sparked global outrage.

Zelenskyy urged the U,N. Security to seek “full accountability” for the the actions of Russian forces in Ukraine.  He described Russian actions as the “most terrible war crimes” since World War II.  In a video address before the Council, he accused Russia of mass atrocities across the Country, including killing unarmed civilians and crushing people with tanks. More than 140 children have been killed by the Russian troops during the war in Ukraine.

The  E.U. impose an import ban on coal worth more than 4 billion dollars per year as part of new sanctions against Moscow in response to the mounting evidence of atrocities in Bucha, northwest of the Ukrainian capital. “These atrocities can not and will not be left unanswered,” she said. The new measures will need to be approved by all member states.


Source: U.N. Security Council

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