Pope Francis Leads Good Friday’s Passion Of The Lord’ Service

ROME (April 15, 2022)—- today, Pope Francis leads Good Friday’s ‘Passion of the Lord’ service commemorating Jesus’ last hours of life and his crucifixion in St. Peter’s Basilica.

Pope Francis Presided Over Mass At New Penitentiary Complex

Pope Francis presides over the Mass of the Lord’s Supper on Holy Thursday at a new penitentiary complex in the port city of Civitavecchia, north of Rome, where we he washed the feet of 12 inmates.

God always forgives!

The Pope went on to say that serving is Jesus saying “friend” to the one who betrayed him, waiting for him until the end, forgiving everything: “God forgives everything and God always forgives! It is we who tire of asking for forgiveness.”

Each one of us,” the Pope said, “will have something that has been in our hearts for a long time, but we ask Jesus for forgiveness”. And he recalled “there is the Lord who judges, but it is (what may seem) a strange judgement: the Lord judges and forgives.”

The Pope concluded by exhorting people to follow this example, with “the desire to serve and forgive each other”.

 Good Friday Mass In Rome

Easter 2022 Celebrations At The Vatican

This year’s Easter celebrations at the Vatican include the participation of large numbers of faithful following two years of restrictions due to the pandemic. At the same time, this joy for the ‘return to normality’ does not include an end to the pain and sadness for the suffering of so many people, in particular with those in Ukraine who are suffering the atrocities of war. This reality was underlined during the customary briefing for the global broadcasts of the Easter celebrations to be presided over by the Pope. The meeting took place on Good Friday morning in the Marconi Hall of the Palazzo Pio building housing Vatican Radio/Vatican News. Alessandro Gisotti, deputy editorial director of the Vatican media, introduced and moderated by the briefing, with information given by Stefano D’Agostini, coordinator of the Vatican Media’s Audiovisual Production Department, Roberto Romolo, head of International Broadcast Relations, and Brunella Olivari, RAI – Italy’s public broadcaster –  director of the transmission of the Way of the Cross at the Colosseum.

Moving on to the Easter Vigil, the Mass will be preceded by the evocative rite of the blessing of fire in the atrium of the Basilica and the subsequent procession while Lumen Christi is sung. Seven catechumens of different nationalities (Italian, American, Cuban, Albanian) will receive Baptism from the Pope. Considering the tragic historical moment the world is experiencing, the content of two prayer intentions is important. They ask us to pray that there may be “rulers who are artisans of dialogue and peace among peoples” and that “peoples oppressed by war may be given hope and peace”.

On Easter Sunday the Mass will return to St. Peter’s Square after two years of the pandemic. At the beginning of the celebration will be the Resurrexit when the Pope will incense the icon of the Risen One. This is the Acheropita Icon of the Saviour, a work of great historical and artistic importance. One of the prayers of the faithful will be read in Ukrainian. After the Mass, the Pope will go to the Hall of Blessings, then to the Central Loggia of St. Peter’s Basilica where he will impart the Urbi et Orbi blessing. Alongside the Pope will be Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino and Cardinal Michael Czerny. Pope Francis sent Cardinal Czerny to Ukraine twice in recent weeks and to neighbouring countries that are welcoming refugees to show the closeness of the Church to the Ukrainian people suffering from the Russian military aggression. Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, Papal Almoner, is Ukraine during this Holy Week, where yesterday he delivered an ambulance donated by the Pope. Interviewed by Vatican media, the Cardinal Krajewski underlined that Francis wanted him “to live the Triduum with the Ukrainians…as presence is the first name of love.”


Source: Reuters video. Vatican contributed to the article.

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