Putin’s Former Vice-President Of Gazprombank Commits Suicide, Kills Wife And Teen

RUSSIA (April 18, 2022)— President Vladimir Putin’s former closest former confident committed suicide in Moscow.  The former “vice-president of “Gazprombank” Vladislav Avaev shot dead his wife and 13-year-old daughter, after which he committed suicide. Previously, Avaev worked in the Office of the President and in the State Duma.,” tweeted by NEXTA TV.

A relative who had been unable to contact the Avaevs for a long time discovered their remains at their home on Universitetsky Prospekt.

You’re left to ponder. Were they sanctioned, and if so, who sanctioned them? or was it simply a case of ordinary Russians living and dying under Putin’s regime, having nothing to do with “special operations”?


Source: NEXTA TV

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