Ukraine Update: Russian Airstrike Hits Military Field Hospital, Zellensky Visited Children Who Lost Parents, China’s Big Drone Company Pulls Put Of Russia

Mariupol (April 28, 2022)—

Russian Airstrike Hit Military Field Hospital

Mariupol defenders: Russian airstrike hit military field hospital at Azovstal plant, kills soldiers. According to Azov fighters, overnight, Russia was attacking the hospital where Ukrainian soldiers were treated and then shelling it with naval artillery.

Russian-Occupied Kherson, Ukrainians Protest 

Russian-occupied Kherson, Ukrainians took to the street today in protest against occupation and in support of Ukraine. Russians are planning a bogus referendum to create a proxy ‘Kherson republic’. All these people risk persecution, torture for their stance.

Chinese Drone Gian Pulls Out Of Russia

Chinese drone giant pulls out of Russia, Ukraine to prevent use of products in combat. DJI Technology Co is the first Chinese firm to cite the war in ceasing operations in Russia.

Zelenskyy Visited Children Who Lost Their Parents 

Zelenskiy visited children who lost their parents during the fighting in Mariupol.


Source: Bee News Daily

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