Ukraine War Update: Zelenskyy’s 70th Day of War Address, Japanese PM Condemned Russia, Ukrainian Journalist Killed In Fighting, US Provided Ukraine Intelligence, And India’s PM Modi “There Won’t Be Any Winners In This War And Everyone Will Lose”

UKRAINE (May 5, 2022)— Address of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy following the results of the 70th day of the war: “The famous journalist Oleksandr Makhov died today. In the Kharkov region, in the battles near Izyum. He was 36 years old. 

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has condemned Russia’s entry ban on Japanese officials as “completely unacceptable.”

“Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a clear violation of international law and the killing of a large number of innocent civilians is a serious violation of international humanitarian law and a war crime,” Kishida told reporters during a state visit to Rome on Wednesday.

“It is the Russian side that has resorted to military means and caused this situation. The Russian side is entirely responsible for the breakdown of Japan-Russia relations.”

Russia “indefinitely” banned 63 Japanese citizens, including Kishida, from entering the country, Russian state news agency RIA Novosti earlier reported.

A Russian army helicopter violated Finland’s airspace on Wednesday, the Finnish defence ministry said, as the country mulls a potential Nato membership bid.

“The aircraft type is a Mi-17 helicopter and the depth of the suspected violation is about four to five kilometres”, a ministry spokesman told AFP.

The incident occurred on Wednesday at 10:40am (7:40 GMT).

This is the second Russian airspace violation this year, following a previous one in April, both of them coming in the wake of the war in Ukraine.

A civilian transport plane belonging to the Russian army briefly entered Finnish airspace on April 8.

Experts have warned that Finland and Sweden would likely be subjected to Russian acts of interference as they consider whether to join Nato as a deterrent against aggression from their eastern neighbor.

A Ukrainian journalist who enlisted after the Russian invasion has been killed in fighting outside the northeastern city of Izyum, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Thursday.

Oleksandr Makhov, 36, is at least the eighth journalist to have died in more than two months of conflict.

Makhov, known for graphic accounts from conflict zones, had also reported from Antarctica. He fought in a 2014 conflict after Russian-speakers staged separatist insurrections in two eastern regions of Ukraine.

“Patriotic and sincere, and always without vanity. And he was always among the bravest, among those first in line,” Zelenskyy said in an early morning video address.

“From the first day of the full-scale war, he was on the frontline. Volunteer. ATO veteran. Warrior of the 95th assault brigade.”

Summary of Ukrainian War Events

  • Ukrainian forces are fighting “difficult bloody battles” against Russian troops inside the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol, Reuters reported, citing a Telegram video message from the commander of the Azov battalion. A Ukrainian official said on Wednesday that Russian forces entered the steelworks where the city’s last resistance has been holding out but contact remained with the defenders.
  • Another 344 people have been rescued from the besieged city of Mariupol in a second evacuation operation, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, has confirmed a national address.
  • Russia has said it will implement a daytime ceasefire for three days from Thursday to allow more civilian evacuations from the Azovstal plant. “The Russian armed forces will from 8 am to 6 pm (Moscow time) on 5-7 May open a humanitarian corridor from the territory of the Azovstal metallurgical plant to evacuate civilians,” the defence ministry said.
  • Joe Biden said he would speak with other G7 leaders this week about potential additional sanctions against Russia. His treasury secretary, Janet Yellen, said the US was in constant discussions with its partners about this.
  • Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he believed Ukraine would again see peace despite Russia’s war but warned that what happens in Ukraine will have important consequences for the rest of Europe. Addressing the people of Denmark on the 77th anniversary of their liberation from Nazi occupation, he said: “I do believe our day of liberation is coming close.”
  • Russia has practized simulated nuclear-capable missile strikes in the western enclave of Kaliningrad, sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania along the Baltic coast. Forces rehearsed simulated “electronic launches” of nuclear-capable Iskander mobile ballistic missile systems, the defence ministry said.
  • Sweden has received assurances from the US that it would receive support during the period a potential application to join Nato is processed by the 30 nations in the alliance, the Swedish foreign minister, Ann Linde, said in Washington.
  • Brazilian presidential frontrunner Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva has said Zelenskyy and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, bear equal responsibility for the war, putting the leftist candidate at odds with western powers.
  • The bodies of 20 more civilians were found in the past 24 hours in the Kyiv region, according to Kyiv’s regional police chief, Andriy Nebytov. The latest discoveries, in the town of Borodianka and the surrounding villages, raise the total number of civilian bodies found in the region to 1,235.
  • The European Union is proposing to ban all Russian oil imports in a sixth package of sanctions. The European Commission’s president, Ursula von der Leyen, said Putin had to pay a “high price for his brutal aggression” in Ukraine. Hungary’s international relations minister, Zoltán Kovács, said his country would veto the EU proposal.
  • As many as 600 people were killed in the Russian bombing of a theatre in Mariupol in March, according to an investigation by the Associated Press. Based on the accounts of nearly two dozen survivors, rescuers, and people familiar with the theatre, AP found evidence that the attack was twice deadlier than estimated.
  • The head of the Russian Orthodox church, Patriarch Kirill, is reportedly on the draft blacklist of the EU’s next round of sanctions. An EU document claims Kirill
    has been “one of the most prominent supporters of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine” and a key player in amplifying Vladimir Putin’s rhetoric on Ukraine.
  • Ukraine has accused Russia of planning to hold a Victory Day military parade in the captured city of Mariupol on 9 May to celebrate victory over the Nazis in the second world war. Ukraine’s military intelligence said an official from Russia’s presidential administration had arrived in Mariupol to oversee plans for the parade.
  • Britain has banned all export of services to Russia as part of new sanctions against 63 individuals and organizations. The measures, announced by the foreign secretary, Liz Truss, would cut off Russia’s access to the UK’s accounting, management consulting, and PR services. However, it is understood that the measures will not affect the legal profession or some other sectors such as software development and cloud internet services.
  • The Kremlin dismissed speculation that it will declare all-out war in Ukraine in the coming days as “nonsense” amid speculation from western officials that President Vladimir Putin could use the 9 May Victory Parade to announce an escalation of military action. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said there was no truth to the rumours “at all”.

The United States has provided intelligence that has helped Ukrainian forces kill many of the Russian generals who have died in the Ukraine war, the New York Times reported on Wednesday, citing senior US officials.

The targeting help is part of a classified effort by the Biden administration to provide real-time battlefield intelligence to Ukraine, the newspaper said.

Washington has reportedly provided to Ukraine details on Russia’s expected troop movements and the location and other details about Russia’s mobile military headquarters, and Ukraine has combined that help with its own intelligence to conduct artillery strikes and other attacks that have killed Russian officers.

Intelligence also includes anticipated Russian troop movements gleaned from recent American assessments of Moscow’s secret battle plan for the fighting in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, the officials said.

Ukrainian officials said they have killed about 12 Russian generals on the battlefield, according to the New York Times. Officials declined to specify how many generals had been killed as a result of US assistance, the newspaper added.

French President Emmanuel Macron welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Paris for talks and a “working dinner” on Wednesday evening, where Macron hoped to “emphasize the consequences of the war for the international order well beyond the European Union, including in Asia,” his office said ahead of the talks.

France wants to “help the Indians diversify their supply” away from Russian arms and energy, officials added, according to a report from AFP.

The aim “is not to leave the Indians with no way out, but to offer solutions,” they said.

After meeting German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin on Monday as part of a European tour, Modi told reporters that “there won’t be any winners in this war and everyone will lose”.

India has so far avoided condemning the Russian invasion or voting to censure Moscow at the United Nations.

The Elysee said Macron has an “extremely warm relationship” with Modi, who has visited France three times since 2017, while the French leader went to India in 2018.

France has a “trusting relationship with India,” officials added, and hopes to build up the two countries’ “strategic partnership” in the Indo-Pacific.

Russia continues to hit non-military targets in Ukraine such as residential properties and transport hubs in a bid to weaken the country’s resolve, Britain’s defence ministry has said.

Despite Russian ground operations focusing on eastern Ukraine, missile strikes continue across the country as Russia attempts to hamper Ukrainian resupply efforts, the report added.

As Russian operations have faltered, non-military targets including schools, hospitals, residential properties and transport hubs have continued to be hit, indicating Russia’s willingness to target civilian infrastructure in an attempt to weaken Ukrainian resolve.

The continued targeting of key cities such as Odessa, Kherson and Mariupol highlights their desire to fully control access to the Black Sea, which would enable them to control Ukraine*s sea lines of communication, negatively impacting their economy.”


Source: The Guardian wrote the original article.  Ukrainian Minister of Defense contributed.

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