Kira Johnson, Died Of Complications Six Years Ago, Her Family Filed A Wrongful Death Lawsuit

LOS ANGELES (May 5, 2022)—  The family of Kira Johnson, a Black mother who died of complications six years ago, has filed a lawsuit claiming race played a part in her death.

Her family had been fighting her case for years.  The case goes to trial next week.  Ms. Johnson kissed her older baby goodbye before heading into the operating room for what her family though would be a C-section.  But her husband later pleaded for a CT Scan after he noticed blood in her cathether.  When she finally was taken to the operating room, it was too late.

Black women are most likely to die of childbirth, more than white women.

The case goes to trial next week.



Source: CBS Los Angeles and Bee News Daily contributed to the article.

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