Madrid Explosion, 17 People Injured, Two Are Missing After Four-Story Residential Ripped By Explosion

MADRID (May 6, 2022) — An explosion ripped through a four-story residential building in central Madrid on Friday, injuring at least 17 people.

Emergency services said they were searching for two missing people.

Video released by the city of Madrid showed paramedics attending to the injured at the scene in the upmarket neighborhood of Salamanca, as police and firefighters cordoned off streets cluttered with glass and debris.

Four of the injured were taken to a hospital, including one person in serious condition, after the blast sent plumes of smoke billowing over parts of the area.

Emergency crews combed the building to check the structure and to search for anyone trapped inside, Madrid Mayor José Luis Martínez Almeida told broadcaster Telemadrid.

Asked about reports saying a gas leak had caused the explosion, the mayor said it was too early to know.

“What is known is that some work was being done in the building, and neighbors said there was a powerful explosion,” he said.

Emergencies service spokeswoman Gema Martin said that a school across the road from the building was not damaged and that there was no need to evacuate the children.

Firefighters and police had earlier rushed to the scene of the blast.

Three stories of the building were said to be affected.

Two schools are near the spot where the explosion occurred.

A spokesman for the regional government-run emergency coordination centre said in a tweet: “There has been an explosion in Ayala Street.

A field hospital has been set up in the area, with initial reports pointing to emergency responders treating six people for injuries.

The explosion is reported to have happened on a rooftop terrace where building work was going on.

Footage from the scene showed shocked locals leaving an area covered by a huge plume of white smoke.

In January last year an explosion occurred in a building in Madrid which caused it to partially collapse.

It killed four people and wounded ten others.


Source: AP News. Bee News Daily and Evening Standard contributed.

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