Russian Colonel-General Claims Ukraine Poised for Chemical Weapons Attack

UKRAINE (May 6, 2022)—Russia on Friday followed through on one of Western analysts’ gravest fears in recent days with its Ministry of Defense claiming that forces loyal to Kyiv are preparing a chemical attack in the embattled regions of Ukraine’s east.

The claims align with troubling conclusions late this week that Russia has finalized setting the conditions for staging a false flag chemical attack it will blame on Ukraine as a pretext for its own use of chemical weapons.

Russian Colonel-General Mikhail Mizintsev, known as the “Butcher of Mariupol” for the brutally indiscriminate tactics against civilians he employed as commander of the ongoing siege of Mariupol, detailed the claims in a briefing on Friday but offered no proof to support the statements. He asserted that Ukrainian forces along with allied neo-Nazis were fortifying chemical facilities in the Donbas – the embattled region of eastern Ukraine on which Russian forces have recently focused – protecting them with human shields, provoking Russian encampments with shelling and were preparing to detonate chemical weapons if Russia responds.

He said the supposed preparations are “reliably established,” according to a translation of his remarks, and that they come at the direction of the governments of the United States and United Kingdom.


Source: US News contributed.

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