Ukraine/Russian Update: Russian Gas Imports, Germans Donated Record Aide To Ukraine, Zelenskyy Thanks USA, Russia Continues Bombing Of Mariupol Steelworks

UKRAINE (May 12, 2022)— the Ukraine/Russia war is moving into its 3rd month of war. “Even before the Russian invasion, the eight-year-long conflict in eastern Ukraine had left 3 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. Women, children, the elderly and people with disabilities, in particular, are often most in need of help, according to the United Nations.

Germany weaning itself of Russian gas

Germany may be able to cope with a boycott of Russian gas imports as soon as the coming winter, German Economy Minister Robert Habeck told WirtschaftsWoche weekly on Thursday.

Germany has stepped up efforts to reduce its reliance on Russian energy supplies since Russia invaded Ukraine in February, but has so far said it expects to be largely dependent on its gas until some time in 2024.

“If we have full storage facilities at the turn of the year, if two of the four floating LNG tankers we have leased are connected to the grid and if we make significant energy savings, we can to some extent get through the winter if Russian gas supplies collapse,” Habeck told WirtschaftsWoche.

Germans Donated A Record Amount To Ukraine

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Both Russia and Ukraine have used cluster munitions, human rights report claims

Russian forces have repeatedly used cluster munitions in attacks that killed civilians and damaged homes, hospitals and schools, a report has claimed.

And, Ukrainian forces appear to have used cluster munitions at least once, it said.

Human Rights Watch says it has documented several cluster attacks by Russian forces in populated areas in the cities of Chernihiv, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, and Vuhledar.

And it said both countries should stop.

“They should commit to joining the international treaty prohibiting cluster munitions,” its said on Wednesday.

The 20-page report, Intense and Lasting Harm: Cluster Munition Attacks in Ukraine, details how Russian armed forces have used at least six types of cluster munitions in the conflict in Ukraine.

Cluster munitions can be fired from the ground by artillery systems like rockets and projectiles or dropped from aircraft.

They typically disperse in the air, spreading multiple submunitions or ‘bomblets’ indiscriminately over an area about the size of a city block.

Many fail to explode on initial impact, leaving dangerous duds that can kill and maim, like landmines, for years or even decades unless cleared and destroyed.

UK-US talks on ‘next steps’ for Ukraine

UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has met with his US counterpart Lloyd Austin at the Pentagon for talks on “the next steps” in Ukraine.

The leaders discussed the importance of transatlantic cooperation and regional security in light of Russia’s “unprovoked and brutal attack on Ukraine,” a statement from the US Defence Department said

They also discussed “ongoing efforts to support Ukraine”, including through the provision of “security assistance”.   

Ukraine: Russia continues to bombard Mariupol steelworks

The Ukrainian armed forces has published its latest update on the situation on the ground in Ukraine.

Kyiv claims that Russian forces are on the defensive in the north-east Kharkiv region – and have not made any new advances.

It added: “The greatest activity of the occupiers is further observed in Slobozhansky and Donetsk directions.”

Meanwhile, Moscow continues to bombard the Azovstal steelworks in Mariupol, where the remnants of the city’s defenders are holed up.

It is thought up to 100 citizens are also trapped at the site, though this hasn’t been verified.

Ukraine also claims to have retaken the village of Pytomnyk in Kharkiv.

Zelenskyy Held Meetings With Other Leader

Zelenskyy Thanks The U.S. Congress 


Source: Sky News wrote original article. Bee News Daily contributed.

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