Biden’s Administration Milestone: The US Has Surpassed More Than 1 Million In COVID-19 Deaths

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 12, 2022)–The United States has surpassed more than one million COVID-related deaths, the White House has said.

The country, with a population of 329.5 million people, has recorded more than 80 million cases of coronavirus and has the highest number of reported deaths globally so far.

About 220 million Americans have been fully vaccinated but COVID-19 cases and hospitalisations continue to rise, although deaths are decreasing.

The virus claimed 36 lives in the US before the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared a global pandemic in March 2020.

Since then, the country has seen several spikes as new variants have taken hold, with California, Texas and Florida among the states worst hit.

Brazil (664,000) and India (524,000) have the next highest numbers of deaths behind the US. About 176,000 people have died in the UK within 28 days of a positive test since the start of the pandemic.

The WHO estimates the pandemic has caused about 15 million deaths around the world due to a “significant undercount of total deaths directly and indirectly attributed to COVID-19”, although the official number reported is around six million.

The U.S. Surgeon General said in a tweet: “A heartbreaking milestone: 1 million lives lost to #COVID19. We can’t become numb to such loss. Instead, let’s honor them by recommitting to protecting our communities from COVID. If you’ve lost someone to COVID, what’s 1 thing you want the world to remember about your loved one?”

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau participated virtually in the Global COVID-19 Summit.


Source: Sky News wrote the original article.  Bee News Daily contributed.

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