The 45th President Wasn’t On The Ballot, But He Won Big Tonight In Key Battleground States

PENNSYLVANIA, PA (May 18, 2022)— the 45th President Donald J. Trump’s name was not on the ballot in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Oregon, and North Carolina but he was deeply involved in several races, endorsing several candidates.

Trump emerged as a clear winner  on a night that will likely prove critical not only to his political future, but the fortunes of the United States.

The former president has backed numerous candidates as he seeks to cement his hold on the party, and he endorsed candidates in five showcase Republican primary races that were being closely watched as an indicator of the power of such patronage.

The 75-year-old Trump has thrown his backing behind many extreme or unlikely individuals during his time in politics, not least Steve Bannon and Michael Flynn.

Yet, among the those figures, few underscore the Republican Party’s transformation during his grip on it, than Mastriano, a 58-year-old state senator who was present during Trump’s Stop the Steal rally on 6 January 2021 and who continues to deny the legitimacy of of Joe Biden’s presidency.

“We had the hardest working campaign in this primary,” Mastriano, who defeated Lou Barletta and Bill McSwain, said at his campaign headquarters in Philadelphia. “And we’re going to have the hardest working campaign in this general election.”

He also listed off the things he would do on his first day in office.

“Mandates are gone. Any jab for job requirements are gone, critical race theory is over,” he said to roars from his supporters. “Only biological females can play on biological female team and you can only use the bathroom that your biological anatomy says.”

In North Carolina, another Trump-backed candidate, Budd, was equally forthright and looked forward to his showdown in the Senate’s general election against Democrat, Cheri Beasley, who won her party’s primary.

He said the Republican candidates took a unity pledge to support the eventual nominee.

Budd wasted no time blasting the Democratic nominee. “Cheri Beasley is the most radical liberal candidate to ever run for Senate in North Carolina,” he said, going on to slam the “Biden-Beasley lawless open border agenda.”

It appeared not all of Trump’s candidates were going to make it over the line.

In North Carolina, the controversial congressman Madison Cawthorn, the House’s youngest member, lost to state Senator Chuck Edwards. The 26-year-old had infuriated some in his own party with a string of embarrassing episodes, including a claim that legislative leaders invited him to a cocaine-fueled orgy.

Meanwhile while back in Pennsylvania, Mr Trump’s pick for the Senate,  Mehmet Oz – TV’s Dr Oz – was running second behind the more establishment David McCormick, and ahead of “ultra-MAGA” candidate Kathy Barnette.

The difference between the television personality, and his opponent, a hedge fund manager, was barely one-tenth of a one percentage point, ensuring no winner was going to be announced on Tuesday.

“I want to thank Sean Hannity,” Oz said, referring to the Fox News anchor who had also backed his candidacy. “He’s like a brother to me.”

Even if Trump did not get a clean sweep on Tuesday night, he scored enough wins to show the power he wields; Mastriano, in particular, had been trailing until the former president throw his support behind him.

Yet at broader level, Trump had already won before any results were announced. His continued presence as the most likely Republican presidential candidate in 2024, and his continued denial of the 2020 results, has pushed many candidates to try and copy and emulate him.

The selection process he oversaw at his estate in Florida – a Mar-a-Lago political beauty contest where people were forced to beg and scrape – showed he had lost none of his knack for understanding how to put on a good show.

This ought to worry Democrats.

Biden can issue as many statements as he likes of congratulations for Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman, who beat congressman Conor Lamb in the Democratic primary for the Senate. Biden did not get behind Fetterman until after he had won the primary as a clear winner.


Source: Independent  wrote the original article.


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