Ukraine War Update: The Turmoil Of War In Ukraine And The Destruction And Genocide Of Humanity

UKRAINE (May 18, 2022)— ” According to Reuters, seven buses carrying Ukrainian soldiers arrived at a penal colony near occupied Donetsk on May 17.”

Anastasilia Lapatina tweeted “Defenders of #Azovstal being taken from the plant to Russian-controlled territory. ” Lapatina later tweeted “This used to be a school in Avdiivka, a cozy little town once just a field away from Russian occupants. A Russian attack destroyed the school entirely.”

No photo description available.

Lapatina tweeted “A list of those who were deported to Russia from a filtration camp on Russian-occupied territory, posted by the advisor to Mariupol’s mayor. Yesterday, 539 Ukrainians, including 55 kids were taken to another camp from Mariupol. Russian military is preparing them for deportations”

No photo description available.



Source: Ukraine Reporters

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