Amber Heard’s Witnesses Take The Stand: “Johnny Depp is seen laughing in court”

Cross-examination of Amber Heard has concluded in the fifth week of her trial for defamation in the case brought against her by ex-husband Johnny Depp. Testimony is now underway in Heard’s defence.

Heard is being sued by Depp for $50m for implying he abused her in a 2018 Washington Post op-ed. Although she didn’t name him, he claims her allegations impacted his ability to work.

Following direct examination of Heard, Depp’s lawyer challenged her testimony, which extensively covered the troubled relationship between the actors and detailed alleged physical fights — including a harrowing account of a brutal and bloody altercation in Australia.

In a prerecorded deposition, Heard’s friend iO Tiller Wright says Depp told him of “bouts of jealousy” that fuelled his alcohol issues and led to “rage activities”.

Her former friend Raquel Pennington testified seeing Heard’s injuries after a December 2015 fight with Depp and intervening in a separate altercation at the penthouses in which they lived shortly before Heard filed for divorce. She says she feared for her friend’s safety.

Depp laughed when Ms Henriquez referred to his consumption of a number of unknown pills from a ziplock bag “to see what would happen and he laughed about it”.

“Whitney: I watched #JohnnyDepp consume a ziplock bag full of unknown pills, some prescription, some not, … “to see what would happen and he laughed about it.” Depp is seen laughing in court.”

A Look At The Testimony

Oliver O’Connell

Ms. Henriquez is asked about the Hicksville Trailer Park incident and recalls seeing cocaine in their trailer when she arrived.

The next morning she says their trailer looked like a bomb had hit it and she was told about the incident the night before.

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When they did finally leave the house, they all got into Depp’s chauffeur-driven car.

Ms. Henriquez testifies that an inebriated Depp held their dog out of the window and made a joke about putting it in the microwave while cackling.

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Ms. Henriquez is asked about the March 2013 incident when the photo was taken of the breakfast table featuring alcohol and cocaine.

She says Depp rambled and was paranoid about Heard having an affair. Heard hung back in the kitchen, and Depp began to focus on a painting by Heard’s ex.

Ms Henriquez said she kept talking to him to convince him to leave the house because he was later to film part of a documentary with Keith Richards.

This went on for four or five hours she says.

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Ms Henriquez says over time Depp began to object to individual friends of Heard having once been welcoming to all. They were gradually not welcome. She mentions iO Tillett Wright as one person who was not welcome after a certain point.

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Ms. Henriquez recalls Depp’s drugs use and drinking (and taking cocaine with him) and says his personality was almost unrecogniseable when he was drinking and using to an excess.

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Ms. Henriquez testifies that Depp also took over Heard’s medical care and wanted access to her electronic devices which would get smashed in a fight or be the source of a fight because of something he found on her phone.

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Ms. Henriquez testifies that over time Depp’s comments regarding Heard’s clothing started as small jokes about what she was wearing and over time this led to them sharing a stylist and her look becoming more conservative over time.

She adds he had the same influence and opinions regarding her work.

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Ms. Henriquez says she met Depp in 2011 during The Rum Diary press tour, but did not meet as Heard’s boyfriend until 2012.

She says they all fell in love with him and got along really well, provided Depp was sober.

Friend recalls Johnny Depp ‘screaming spitting and cursing’ at him

Johnny Depp was allegedly “screaming, cursing and spitting” at a former friend on the last night that he allegedly violently abused Amber Heard, according to damning courtroom testimony.

A pre-recorded deposition from Josh Drew on 11 November 2019 was played in the courthouse in Fairfax, Virginia, on Wednesday, during the Hollywood actors’ multi-million-dollar defamation trial.

In it, Mr. Drew claimed that Mr Depp smashed a bottle against the door to his apartment and burst in, got up close in his face in an “aggressive” way and was “screaming, cursing, spitting in my face”.

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Source: Independent News wrote the original article.

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