Update on investigation into Texas school shooting

TEXAS (May 26, 2022)— Uvalde Police Department provides an update on investigation of the shooting at Robb Elementary School.  The Texas Ranger’s are attempting to clarify and correct some of the misinformation on various social media and the anger of Americans including the people of Uvalde, Texas.

For about an hour, angry parents were preparing to enter the school, because the police had not entered into the school.  According to the authorities, the shootings occurred within 2 minutes after the shooter entered the Robb Elementary.

The mass shooter was wearing a tactical vest, though not body armor. There was another AR-15-style rifle in his truck, and a backpack with several magazines full of ammunition was found near the school entrance.

The shooter had at least 600 rounds with him when he entered into the school…. enough to kill the students and teachers.  The shooter planned out this attack against Robb Elementary.


The attacker, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, shot his 66-year-old grandmother in the face at their Uvalde home, then fled in her truck as she summoned help, according to Gov. Greg Abbott, Texas Public Safety Director Steve McCraw and other officials.

A short distance away, Ramos crashed the truck outside the school, got out with a rifle and approached a back door, officials said. They said an officer assigned to the school “engaged” Ramos, but the gunman got into the building and down a hallway to a fourth-grade classroom. After locking the classroom door, he opened fire around 11:30 a.m. with an AR-15-style rifle, carrying multiple magazines.

Prior to driving his grandmother truck to the scene of the mass shooting at 11:30 AM, the shooter shot his grandmother in the face. 

Timeline At The School

11:20 AM the suspect crashed his grandmother’s vehicle. According to the suspects grandfather, he did not have a drivers license.

11:30 AM a gunman walked into Robb Elementary.

11:40 AM  The shooter entered into the school building a charged into a school room. Additional resources were called for, etc. body armor and equipment.

The police negotiated to attempt to stop the shooter.  Local officers  and Border Patrol agents ultimately forced the door open and shot Ramos to death after he fired at them, police said.

The police officer’s later entered the school and killed the suspect.  Immediately, numerous officers started a rescue operation, how to save the children.

The suspect was not confronted by law enforcement prior to entering the school from between the grandmothers house and the murdering of 19 students, 2 teachers and 17 injured.


  • The police does not know why the back door entrance was unlocked at Robb Elementary.
  • There was not an officer readily available at the school at the time that the shooter entered.
  • Response time to the school is unknown.



Source: Police Department

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