Seaside California Standoff: Male Renter Armed With Gun

CALIFORNIA (May 26, 2022) – Residents and businesses in Seaside, California, were ordered to shelter in place on Thursday due to a standoff with a man armed with a gun, local media reported, citing police.

The suspect barricaded himself on a balcony and officers were communicating trying to get him to come down, KSBW Action News 8 reported.  The Sheriff’s office was attempting to evict the shooter when he began to fire. 

The Biden’s administration allegedly provided renters with assistance during the pandemic. 

President Biden said that he was  addressing the nation’s housing challenges. The White House American Rescue Plan Coordinator  with White House offices implemented the American Rescue Plan’s housing provisions. And, Treasury, HUD, USDA, CFPB and the FTC was to uphold that commitment through the actions to maximize the impact of the extension and additional funding in the American Rescue Plan.

Rental assistance was distributed by the Treasury Department to state and local grantees.  


Source: Reuters

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