Gun Owners Flooded Twitter With Pleas For Mental Healthcare, And Funding School Safety To Prevent Mass Murders After Uvalde Shooting

WASHINGTON, DC (May 27, 2022)  some gun owners have posted on  Twitter that gun control does not stop or deter mass murders. More than 212 mass murders have been committed in the United States this year alone, including 27 mass shootings at schools. 

The Robb Elementary  school mass shooting was devastating, that left 19 innocent students, 2 teachers dead and 17 students injured.

The hashtag #GunOwnersForSafety circulated on Twitter in an effort to ask for gun legislation that would not  prevent future shootings and mentally challenged  individuals from obtaining guns.

Salvador Ramos did not have a criminal and would not have been denied the right to purchase the guns used during the Robb Elementary mass shooting.

Ramos was able to purchase and used two AR-15-style rifles during the shooting which he purchased on his 18th birthday a few days before the shooting.  Some social media users are now calling for Congress to take action to address mental illness since gun control will not prevent mentally ill criminals from acting out against communities, schools, malls, and other public and private places.

 But the hash tag #mentalhealth has been ignored by politicians in defund the police cities and states.

Supporters of school safety tweeted ““Every school in the country should have a single point of entry.” —

@AndrewPollackFL, who lost his daughter Meadow in the 2018 Parkland shooting, demands we protect our kids. Listen to my full interview with Andrew, only on @QuakeMedia: 

Andrew Pollack who lost his daughter in the Parkland mass shooting tweeted “realTeamMTG understands the importance of securing our schools! #FixIt.”  Andrew Pollack has dedicated his life to preventing school shootings like the one that took the life of his daughter Meadow.

In a second tweet Pollack tweeted “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! FUND SCHOOL SAFETY IN THE USA!”

In a third tweet Pollack said ” Chuck Schumer wants more school shootings to benefit his fundraising. Schumer blocks Senate GOP school safety bill, angering Republicans | Fox News”

The Supreme Court  is expected to issue a gun control ruling as early as next week. 

The high court is hearing a challenge to a century-old law in New York that restricts who can carry a gun in public and requires people to obtain a special license. In the past, the court has agreed with supporters of the 2nd amendment.  The court also ruled in District of Columbia v. Heller case  on June 26, 2008, and held (5–4) that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual right to possess firearms independent of service in a state militia and to use firearms for traditionally lawful purposes, including self-defense within the home.

Second Amendment advocates say residents shouldn’t have to prove they need a concealed weapon, because, they say, the right is guaranteed by the Constitution.


Source: Twitter, AP News, and Reuters

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