New York’s Mayor Eric Adams Earned A Failing Performance Grade

NEW YORK — Mayor Eric Adams is getting low marks from New York City residents, according to a new poll. 

Siena College Research Institute called 1,000 New Yorkers for the study. 

Twenty-nine percent say Adams is doing an excellent or good job, but 64% rate his performance as fair or poor. 

  • 70% of NYers Say They Feel Less Safe Than Before Pandemic; Three-Quarters Concerned They Could Be Victim of Violent Crime
  • 76% Satisfied with Quality of Life in Their Neighborhood; At Least 60% Satisfied with Neighborhood Police, Transportation, Sanitation & Schools
  • Huge Support: More Subway Cops; Strong Support: Metal Detectors at Subway Entrances, Breaking Up Homeless Encampments, School COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Most are also concerned they could be the victim of a crime. 

However, 76% say they are satisfied with the quality of life in their neighborhood. 

New Yorkers Comments About May Adams

Read the entire poll here.


Source: Siena Poll

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