Six Possible Cases Of Hepatitis In Children In Kentucky

There are six possible cases of a mysterious form of hepatitis in children in Kentucky, the department of health confirmed on Thursday.

Reports of unusual cases of liver inflammation started in Europe late last year. This has now been seen in at least 20 countries, and there have been 274 cases reported in 39 states, Dr. Steven Stack said.

Kentucky is investigating six cases involving children 8 months old to 4 years old.

He explained that the cause is unknown, but health officials have excluded common causes of hepatitis.

Stack said that while he doesn’t think there is any cause for panic, it is important to know the signs: yellow skin and eyes, vomiting, diarrhea and abnormal blood labs.

According to Stack, they have been able to link two of the cases to adenovirus, which is a very common virus, like a cold or the flu.

Children with symptoms should be immediately evaluated by a pediatric specialist.

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Stack said there isn’t a specific treatment.

Some kids have had to get liver transplants, but Stack said that has not been the case for the children in Kentucky.

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Source: WLKY reported original story.


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