UK Court To Allow Rwanda asylum plan

United Kingdom (June 10, 2022)—A flight to take asylum seekers from the UK to Rwanda next Tuesday has been allowed to go ahead by the High Court.

Campaigners failed in their legal bid to halt the removal, but the case will be heard by the Court of Appeal on Monday.

Under the policy, those entering the UK illegally will be flown to Rwanda to apply for asylum there.

About 31 people have been told they may be on the first flight to the east African nation.

The government hopes the scheme will discourage asylum seekers from crossing the English Channel, by making it clear many cases will now be dealt with by Rwanda.

There will be a full judicial review of the policy before the end of July, the court heard.

Home Office lawyers had told the court the plan must not be stopped by legal challenges because it was in the public interest, and also urged the judge to reject challenges on behalf of individual asylum seekers.

Campaigners had sought to block the flight from leaving, as well as individual people being placed on it.

Their lawyers raised concerns about shortcomings in the Rwanda asylum system and the possibility that people could be sent on to countries where they would be persecuted – a process known as refoulment.

In his judgement, Mr. Justice Swift said: “I do not consider there is any evidence for the duration of the interim period that there will be ill-treatment, refoulement, or anything that gives rise to Article 3 treatment.”

However, the judge granted the campaigners and migrants the right to appeal his decision and said the Court of Appeal would be able to hear their case on Monday.


Source: BBC News wrote original article.

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