President Donald J. Trump To Issue a Presidential Permit for the A2A Cross-Border Rail Between Alaska and Canada

WASHINGTON, D.C.—- President Donald J. Trump tweeted:

In 2019 “The Alaska Railroad Corporation (ARRC) and the Alaska to Alberta Railway Development Corporation (A2A) have established a Master Agreement of Cooperation toward building a 1,500-mile connection between the Alaska Railroad and Canadian railroads that also serve the Lower 48.”

“The entire project is expected to cost approximately $13 billion USD ($17 billion CAD). Full construction would begin after a right-of-way is approved by state authorities, a Presidential border crossing permit is received, environmental reviews are conducted by the US and Canada, and two national agencies – the Surface Transportation Board (STB) in the US and the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA) – has given their approvals.”

“First Nations, Indigenous groups and Alaska Native entities, whose traditional lands are crossed by the route, are being consulted during this process. These entities have been invited to participate in the economic benefits of the project. A full project description for the rail link in the U.S. and Canada is expected to be completed this year.”

President Trump’s Presidential Permit, “will help assure global investors that obtaining a right-of-way in Alaska is achievable, and sets up major cooperation in permitting, operations, and marketing with the Alaska Railroad. ”  The project is expected to “generate significant economic activity in Alaska and Canada.”

“Over the past few years, A2A has contracted with the world’s leading railroad engineering and environmental consulting firms, actively engaged with indigenous communities in both Alaska and Canada, filed a draft application with the United States State Department to secure a Presidential Permit for the border crossing, entered into a Project Undertaking Reimbursement Agreement with the United States Customs & Border Protection Agency, and begun the assemblage of base line data needed for the Project.”

“A2A Rail intends to connect and interchange with the ARRC at the end of its existing mainline at North Pole (or Delta Junction, if the currently permitted Northern Rail Extension is completed by ARRC), which provides access to ports at tidewater.”


Source: Alaska Business