President Trump Is Ready To Return To Full Duty After Combating COVID-19

WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Donald J. Trump has completed his course of treatment for Covid-19 according to Dr. Sean Conley.  Conley said that President Trump is ready to return to  public engagements this weekend.

Dr Sean Conley said the president had responded “extremely well” to medication and had “remained stable”.

Dr Conley had said that if the president’s condition remained the same or improved throughout the weekend and into Monday, “we will all take that final, deep sigh of relief”.

In a memo released by the White House on Thursday evening, Dr Conley said Mr Trump was displaying no signs “to suggest progression of illness”.

President Trump  later said during a one-on-one interview with the Hannity Show that  he would probably take another Covid test on Friday and hoped to hold a rally over the weekend in Pennsylvania and Florida.

President Trump pulled out of the virtual debate next Thursday’s due to the fact that it will be via computer and not a TV debate as both campaigns had agreed too with the Commission on Presidential Debates–headed by an ally of Joe Biden. 

He said he was “not going to waste my time on a virtual debate” after organisers said it would have to take place remotely because Mr Trump had tested positive for coronavirus.

Meanwhile, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker who grabs at power, on Friday announced legislation to establish a commission to assess Mr Trump’s fitness for office.

Pelosi’s and Representative Raskin’s bill will establish a political commission under the 25th Amendment, which outlines how a sitting or incoming president can be stripped of power if they are deemed unable to conduct the duties of the office.

The amendment was introduced after the 1963 assassination of President John F Kennedy to clarify issues around the transfer of presidential powers.

The Democrats are focusing on a clause – Section Four – allowing a president to be removed from office against their will because of physical or mental incapacity.  But the amendment requires the Vice-President and the sitting President’s cabinet to initiate the action taken by  Pelosi and Rankin.

The powers of the president have been temporarily transferred before – such as when Ronald Reagan was shot and wounded in 1981 and George HW Bush took over – but Section Four has never been invoked. And Section Four is not an appropriate step to take since Speaker Pelosi lacks the support of Vice President Mike Pence.  But if Joe Biden were to win the 2020 Presidential Elections–Pelosi could move forward to remove Biden from office due to his mental illness.  Kamala Harris will become President if this was to occur.

 It seems the Democrats – meeting later on Friday – are planning to set up the mechanisms that would enable Congress to have its say on whether the president is unable to discharge his powers—powers which are not granted under the 25th Amendment.

Pelosi move is a political stunt to ignite questions about President Trump’s mental and physical health. There’s no sign that Vice-President Mike Pence would agree with them, and little legislative time to move the commission forward.  Pelosi also moves the conversation about Joe Biden’s mental and physical health out of the top news stories.

On Friday, Mrs Pelosi said the move was “not about President Trump” but this is not the first time that Pelosi has attempted to remove President Trump out of office.

“He will face the judgment of the voters. But he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents,” said Pelosi.

Source: White House Press Office and BBC News contributed to this article.

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