“President Trump Delivers Remarks at a Peaceful Protest for Law & Order

WASHINGTON, D.C.—today President Donald J. Trump Delivers Remarks at a Peaceful Protest for Law & Order.

Trump’s speech today at the White House South Lawn will address “law and order” and protests around the country in the wake of the death of several Blacks  and racial issues, sources revealed on Friday.  Black Lives Matter and professional sport players have been protesting against Joe Biden’s like racism–displayed during the 1960’s and 1970’s when Biden served in the U.S. Senate.  

Biden does not support funding the police, but yet in several “blue cities” crime has increased.  In New York , the  city recorded 242 shootings in August, up from 91 last year, continuing a summer spike in gun violence that has become an issue in the presidential race. 

The rise in gun violence and rattled the city and intensified the debate over policing continued at an alarming rate in August, as shootings more than doubled over the same period last year and murders rose by nearly 50 percent, the police said.

In August alone, there were 242 shootings in the city, compared with 91 last year, and the number of murders rose from 36 to 53. As a result, the city surpassed 1,000 shootings before Labor Day, making the holiday the worst year for gun violence since 2015.

Chicago, the nation’s second-largest county has recorded more homicides this year than in all of 2019, the majority of which – 95% – were people of color, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office announced this week.

Chicago–like other blue cities across the country–has seen an uptick in violent crimes this summer amid the coronavirus pandemic.  Murders and shootings are up 52% from the same time last year, according to police data, and dozens of children under 10 years old have been shot–some fatally.

Amaria Jones, 13,  was shot while sitting in the living room of her West Side Chicago home showing her mom a new TikTok dance when a stray bullet came through the front window, pierced her neck and lodged in the TV.

The spray of bullets outside also wounded two boys, 15 and 16, sitting on the front porch.

“Imagine having a little sister, 13, who’s not even beginning to live life yet, and you have to dress her up for a homegoing service. You have to pick out her clothes, her hair, her casket. You have to pick out the pictures,” said Mercedes Jones, 27. “I just don’t want to come to terms with reality. I won’t have my sister anymore.”

Some cities have increased police funding, but cities like Charlotte, North Carolina, residents’ calls to reduce police spending came too late in the budget process to have any impact on the final outcome, and for others, like San Antonio, increases were inevitable because of prior union negotiations. The coronavirus pandemic is also pressuring city councils to scale back plans for all types of infrastructure and services—including police departments—to help make up for an anticipated plunge in tax revenue next year.

“We have not defunded anything in this moment,” said Oluchi Omeoga, an organizer with Minneapolis’s Black Visions Collective, which is working to reimagine policing in the city. “As much as we’ve said that we’ve defunded, as much as there has been a national movement to defund, the police have the same budget that they had three months ago.”

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