“Federal Response on Human Trafficking”

WASHINGTON, D.C.—the United States has made the global fight against human trafficking a policy priority and employs a whole-of-government approach to stop human traffickers, protect victims, and prevent this crime.

Combating human trafficking requires a comprehensive, multidisciplinary effort. Within government, this means the participation and coordination among agencies with a range of responsibilities, including criminal enforcement, labor enforcement, victim outreach and services, public awareness, education, trade policy and promotion, international development and programs, customs and immigration, intelligence, and diplomacy. Coordinated federal efforts that incorporate state, local, and tribal entities; the private sector; civil society; survivors; religious communities; and academia are essential to an integrated response to human trafficking that leverages resources and amplifies results.

National Human Trafficking Hotline

Call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1-888-373-7888 to:

  • National Human Trafficking Hotline - Red phone iconGET HELP and connect with a service provider in your area;
  • REPORT A TIP with information on potential human trafficking activity; or
  • LEARN MORE by requesting training, technical assistance, or resources.

Source: U.S. State

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