President Donald J. Trump’s Wins the Final Presidential Debate on Facts, But Joe Biden Lied

NASHVILLE, TN—President Donald J. Trump won the last Presidential Debates responding to  the moderators questions with facts, deliverables, and promises kept.  Trump provided insights on health care, crime, Opportunity Zones, and national security.  

President Donald J. Trump and Democratic Party nominee Joe Biden debated in the music capital of the World–Nashville, Tennessee.  But Joe Biden did not display a true character of Johnny Cash,  song “What Is Truth” is a song written and recorded by American country music artist Johnny Cash released in February 1970.   Biden denied that he intends to end fracking in Pennsylvania, West, Virginia, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas and Utah, etc.  

Listen to Biden’s lying moments during the final debate:

Vice President Mike Pence tweeted this video about fracking:

Joe Biden said that former President Abraham Lincoln was a racist:

Biden also lied about the 1994 Crime Bill:

Joe Biden lied to the American people for ninety-minutes during the last debate:

Who is Joe Biden,–he stumbled through the entire final Presidential debate.

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