First Lady Melania Trump Campaigns in Pennsylvania to Re-Elect Husband President Donald J. Trump

PENNSYLVANIA–First Lady Melania Trump was out on the Trump’s Campaign trail today throughout Pennsylvania with a campaign stop in Wapwallopen.  The streets were lined with Trump supporters waving flags and signs as the First Lady entered the county to delivery remarks at a campaign rally.. 

First Lady Melania Trump’s Remarks:

Thank you Hogan and Hello Pennsylvania! 
Happy Halloween!  It is great to be back in beautiful Pennsylvania for the second time this week!
When I came to Pennsylvania four years ago, we were just days out from the election.  An election that defied the odds.
When you voted for President Trump, you voted for the people’s President.
When you voted for my husband, you voted for the health and safety of the American people. You voted for better education for our children.  You voted for secure borders.  
You voted for a President who would keep our nation out of new conflicts and end long-lasting and draining wars. You voted for a stronger economy.   
Under President Trump we have made historic peace deals in the Middle East.  Our allies are now doing their fair share globally.  Our military is stronger than ever.  
And there are more opportunities for women – especially working mothers – in our workforce.  
Despite what the media tries to tell you, Healthcare for every citizen remains a priority for him and as you’ve seen over these past years, he won’t stop until he gets it done. 
When you voted in 2016, our nation was in an unnecessarily slow recovery because of the policies of the failed Obama-Biden Administration.  But under Donald’s leadership, our economy soared and unemployment shrunk to a record low. 
Donald fights to protect and support ALL of our people.   
We have a law and order President.  A President that fully supports our men and women in uniform – while others are calling to defund them.  We have faith in our judges and in our legal system to rule justly. We respect our heritage and we condemn ALL hate. 
We should always learn from our past – and it is more important than ever that we never forget it so we can move forward. 
The United States is a shining city upon a hill.  A place where the possibilities are endless and where families can grow and flourish. 
A place where everyone is united in an unending love of country.  Under this President, our American values and ideals are protected, cherished, and upheld. 
In early 2020, our nation began feeling the effects of a global pandemic. 
An invisible enemy invaded our beautiful nation and we found ourselves with a new virus that no one really understood. With the President’s leadership, we quickly learned what it was, how it spreads, and ways to mitigate it. 
I watched Donald work very hard to keep people informed and calm, to protect our economy and make difficult and unpopular decisions in order to keep us all safe. 
In a time when our nation needed to come together, the democrats and media chose to attack and create chaos and confusion. With very little information they created their own narrative and stoked fear. It was not only dishonest – it was a disservice to the very people they claim to keep informed. 
It was Joe Biden who accused President Trump of “Xenophobic hysteria” for putting the American people first and closing travel from China and parts of Europe.  Now he is saying we didn’t do enough. 
But my husband’s actions prove otherwise. 
The Trump Administration worked tirelessly to support families struggling financially during this pandemic. 
It was the Democrats in Congress who refused to sign the last stimulus package – they have held the American people financially hostage in the name of politics.  
COVID-19 is NOT a partisan issue.  Yet, the democrats have made it one of the most controversial topics in today’s news.
Democrats choose to project fear and doubt throughout our country purely for political ends. It is shameful.
Joe Biden says this will be a dark winter. 
His solution is to move backwards, to shut things down, to scare the people of our country. That is not leadership, it is trying to scare people for votes  
His version of a dark winter is not the America I know. 
Our shining city upon a hill is one of HOPE.  We are not a country of fear or weakness.
We have a fearless leader who shows that every single day.
Under President Trump we are choosing to move this country FORWARD.  You deserve a President with proven results, not a career politician with empty words and broken promises.
Look at what we have overcome together. 
Look at the progress we’ve made to ensure our children continue to grow up in the safest and most prosperous nation.
We now have careful safety measures in place in several cities and states. These safety measures allow children to get back in the classroom. 
Our careful guidelines are not only keeping people safe, but allowing restaurants and businesses to reopen and people to start earning an income again.  This President is focused not only on destroying the virus, but creating ways for people to safely start gathering with friends again.  This is about mental health as much as it is about the physical well-being of people.    

America’s response to COVID-19 is seen by our strength and through our spirit. I want to thank our amazing frontline workers for ALL you are doing.  It is in times like these that we will look back and tell our grandchildren that through kindness and compassion, strength and determination, we were able to restore the promise of our future. 
Our Administration is dedicated to ensuring that our nation is equipped with all the medical supplies needed, and getting a vaccine developed and distributed as safely and quickly as possible. 
I believe in our incredible doctors, nurses, medical professionals and scientists. 
Because of our amazing medical capabilities and resources – we are in the process of developing powerful therapeutics and a vaccine.  
As I said before, there is no room to play politics on the topic of our nations health.   If you are not supporting the safe production of a vaccine, you are not supporting the health and safety of the American people. 

Shame on anyone who casts doubt on the effectiveness of a vaccine just because it would come under my husband’s leadership.  The success of a vaccine will save millions of lives.  
Such selfish, politically corrupt decisions like these are what separate the swamp politicians from President Trump. 
Do not forget what the democrats chose to focus on when COVID-19 first came into our country.
While the President was taking decisive actions to keep the American people safe, the democrats were wasting American tax-payer dollars on a sham impeachment.
Our children are watching and learning about politics in our country, and they deserve a better display of political responsibility and respect for our sacred institutions. 
But moving backwards seems to be the only direction democrats know how to go.  
 You can look at Joe Biden’s many decades as an elected politician and determine whether you want to move backwards with him.  
And while journalists, who have now become the political propaganda tool of swamp politicians and the left, choose to focus only on the negative,
we have chosen to focus on the American people and the future.
When the media and democrats were focusing on overturning the 2016 election, Donald Trump was bringing jobs back to the American people. 
When the media and democrats were focused on overturning the 2016 election, Donald Trump passed record-setting tax cuts and regulations, replaced NAFTA with a new UMCA agreement, and achieved energy independence.  
While the media and democrats were focused on overturning the 2016 election, Donald Trump was taking care of our veterans. 
He was launching Space Force, destroying global terrorists and securing our borders.
And now even big tech companies are politically censoring us – but like my husband, we cannot give up. 
This is a President who is here with one purpose, serving the American people. 
Donald loves this country and he sees potential in everyone he meets, no matter their gender, race, religion, or sexual orientation.  Donald loves helping people and he will fight for you every single day he is in office for four more years! My husband is here to make a difference for YOU.
It has been a great honor to serve as First Lady of this incredible country. Over the last few years, I have spent my time focused on children.  They are the key to a successful future.  My initiative, BE BEST, is dedicated to helping children become their very best selves. 
 Through BE BEST, I have witnessed incredible moments of compassion and kindness from people all over this great nation and the world.  There are so many good things happening every day in ways small and large – we must not lose sight of that in the midst of all this political negativity.  
 The Trump Administration is one that chooses to focus on the good And what it can do for you, hardworking Americans.  Donald is working hard for the backbone of our society – our hard-working American families. 
On Tuesday, I am asking that you continue to put your trust in President Trump. 

We’ve had 3.5 years of winning.  Let’s have another four. Together, we will continue making America Great Again.

Thank you and may God Bless you and your families and God Bless the United States of America.

Source: FLOTUS Press Pool

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