Possible Voter Fraud Occurring In Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, North Carolina, Nevada, and Arizona


WASHINGTON, D.C.—the Presidential election ended across America on November 3rd–and the voting fraud continued overnight in rooms where thousands of ballots lay unprotected.  The integrity of the ballots are at risk of declaring the incorrect winner.

Many voters were left thinking that President Donald J. Trump had won the 2020 Presidential election.  Joe Biden failed to present a plan to lead the country and remained in the basement of his home through most of the campaign.  But Michigan identified more than 135,000 Democrat only ballots casted for Joe Biden.  Mathematically an impossibility.

Up for the taking, but no one knows who will be the sure winner for a few days:

  • Alaska – 3
  • Arizona – 11
  • Georgia – 16
  • Maine – 4 (split into 2 statewide and 2 district votes)
  • Michigan – 16
  • Nevada – 6
  • North Carolina – 15
  • Pennsylvania – 20
  • Wisconsin – 10

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