Pennsylvania Governor and Secretary of State Not Being Totally Honest About Vote Counting

WASHINGTON, D.C.—today, Governor Thomas Westerman Wolf (D-PA) held a press conference about the voting ballots alone with the Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar and both eyes failed the honest test.

“A number of studies talk about the direction of eyes during lies. Typically, when people look up and to the right, they are lying or tapping into their imagination. When they look up and to the left, they are remembering or recalling something, tapping into the memory part of the brain.”

During the press conference, both the Governor and Secretary of State indicates that there is a strong indication, that they are not being honest to the American people and Pennsylvania voters.


Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State indicates that she is extremely dishonest and that there is a strong possibility that she is lying about the ballots.  She is not sure about the real numbers, and she used the counties to justify her deceitfulness.  Threw them under the bus.  

There is a strong possibility that Pennsylvania has doubled counted ballots and/or voters doubled voted—because the Secretary of State failed to give an answer to the reporters questions about mail in and voter double verification.  

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