Ballot Fraud Continues To Be A Question About the Presidential Campaign

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Ballot fraud continues to be a question about the 2020 Presidential Campaign in the states of Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Biden currently has–unofficially 253 of the 270 electoral votes  needed to win the presidency, according to NBC News. Trump has 214. In addition to Arizona, the presidential contests have not been called officials state officials in Nevada, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Alaska.   

Arizona,  has 11 electoral votes, but it remains too early to call, according to NBC News. But with 86% of the state’s expected vote tallied, Biden leads with 50.5% versus Trump’s 48.1%. Trump is expected to make up grounds from conservative counties.

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan in Washington, D.C., had given the Postal Service until Tuesday afternoon to search 27 facilities in several battleground areas for outstanding ballots and immediately deliver any ballots discovered to election offices.

Justice Department attorneys representing the Postal Service said they could not meet the judge’s order without disrupting the agency’s own Election Day operations.

“Defendants therefore conducted inspections by postal inspectors and sweeps at the relevant plants yesterday, pursuant to this court’s order, but it was not possible for the Postal Inspectors to conduct sweeps of all relevant facilities by this court’s 3 p.m. deadline,” they wrote.

Sullivan expressed frustration that the agency did not meet his deadline, saying “someone might have a price to pay for that” and then ordered an additional sweep of mail processing facilities in Texas to be completed Wednesday afternoon.

Sullivan’s orders came after postal data showed around 300,000 ballots in several states had not received scans confirming they were delivered. The agency strongly disputed the accuracy of the figure, saying it has expedited ballots by circumventing certain processing steps entirely, leaving them without the final delivery scan.

“When this occurs, by design, these ballots bypass certain processing operations and do not receive a final scan. Instead, they are expedited directly to the boards of elections,” Postal Service spokesman Dave Partenheimer said.

Source: AP News contributed to this article.


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