President Trump Updates The American People Regarding The Presidential Election Vote

WASHINGTON, D.C.—President Donald J. Trump delivered remarks regarding the 2020 Presidential Election at the White House late this evening to update the American people about the state of the ballot fraud count.


  • The Pollster’s got it wrong once again, “here was no blue wave as they  predicted, but there was a red wave.”
  • The Republicans did not lose not one House seat.
  • This year was the year of the Republican woman.
  • “At the national level, our opponents’ major donors were Wall Street Bankers and Special Interests. Our major donors were police officers, farmers, and everyday citizens.”
  • President Trump received more non White votes than any other President including the Hispanic and Black vote.

In Senate races across the country, Democrats cranked up their cash incinerator to previously unheard of levels, all for no avail. Democrats spent:

–107.5M to lose in SC
–88M to lose in KY
–48M to lose in ME
–47M to lose in IA
42M to lose in MT
–24M to lose in TX


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