Michigan’s Voter Statistics Don’t Add Up, Voter Line Evidence in Imagery

WASHINGTON, D.C.—-the 2020 Campaign involved allegations of corruption, voter harvesting and voter fraud.  

The Trump’s Campaign alleged that dead people were casting votes in the key states and urban cities of Michigan, Wisconsin, Atlanta, Detroit, Philadelphia and Minnesota–allegations of “voter fraud” claims.

Michigan authorities have hit back, calling the rumors “misinformation” – and noting that votes from dead people are rejected. But, thousands of ballots arrived in several battleground states hours after the polls had closed allegedly in U-Hall vans—and delivered to the Secretary of State 

Nearly 7 percent of ballots in U.S. Postal Service sorting facilities on Tuesday were not processed on time for submission to election officials, according to data the agency filed Wednesday in federal court, potentially leaving tens of thousands of ballots caught in the mail system during an especially tight presidential race.

The Postal Service processed 115,630 ballots on Tuesday, November 3rd a volume much lower than in recent days after weeks of warnings about chronic mail delays.  The chronic mail delays to occur–so where did the thousands of ballots come from if they were processed through the Postal Service facilities? 

According to the USPS 8,000 ballots received on November 3rd, making the numbers even smaller.  But according to Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, do not accept ballots after election day–so where and who sent thousands of ballots to the Secretary of States in both states after election day.  we’re not processed on time, a small proportion but one that could factor heavily in states such as Michigan and Wisconsin, which do not accept ballots after Election Day.

Visual imagery including satellite imagery has the answer. Suppose, 300 voters stood in line at Precinct 391 on Chalfonte, in Detroit, but supposed the Precinct reported 3300 voters—-the satellite imagery recorded only 300 people in the voter line on November 3rd and not 3300 people.  

In Detroit the Democratic Candidate received 233,908 but only 120,000 were absentee votes–Michigan continues to count absentee ballots and/or additional identified ballots.

According to officials, Michigan set a new record for voter turnout Tuesday, with at least 3.26 million absentee ballots  sent in and an estimated 2 million to 2.5 million Michiganders voting at the polls on Election Day. But imagery could determine the number of voters across Michigan who actually stood in line to cast in person votes on election day.

 Michigan officials said 3,318,609 Michiganders requested ballots, but according to the officials only 2,841,696 returned their ballots by Nov 2nd, leaving a deficit in early voting of 476,913 voters who chose not to vote by mail-in.  The discrepancy is the official record on November 3rd indicated that a new record for early voting was 3.26 Million more early voters than those who requested early voting ballots— with a remaining deficit of 418,304 unexplained ballots.  The question becomes, how did Michigan make up the deficit of mail in ballots in one day when the post office stated that they only received 

The statistical case doesn’t match the total number of voters in Michigan, there are deficits and unexplained votes.  It demands further investigation. 

Source: Detroit Early Voting and Voting Results Statistics

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