Trump’s Campaign Lost First Battle, But Ballot War Hearing Next Week In Arizona

ARIZONA—A Maricopa County Superior Court judge on Thursday conducted a hearing to weigh claims that some poll workers “incorrectly rejected” votes cast in person on Election Day. We’ll keep the post-election updates coming.

President Donald Trump’s reelection team, along with the Republican National Committee and the Arizona Republican Party, filed a lawsuit last weekend, alleging Maricopa County poll workers disregarded procedures designed to give voters a chance to correct ballot mistakes on Election Day. 

After hearing arguments of both sides, Judge Daniel Kiley denied the Trump’s campaign request to seal evidence in vote-counting suit.  Judge Kiley did not comment on the evidence that was presented at the hearing, but only decided on the motion after determining that the sensitive information in the documents could be redacted prior to an upcoming hearing,  He determined that sealing the records was not required.

Judge Kiley’s order does not weight in on which side would end a victorious involving the Trump’s campaign suit.  According to the Arizona Republic, the Trump campaign claimed workers had disregarded procedure and that thousands of ballots could have been left uncounted or deemed “overvotes.”  

Biden’s overall count in Arizona has decreased.   But the Maricopa officials estimated Monday that about 180 ballots were potentially in jeopardy.

Joe Biden leads President Donald J. Trump by a small margin of 49.4% percentage point margin, to Trump’s 49.1%.

Preliminary motions are often denied, but it does not determine the outcome of the case.  

Source: Arizona Republic contributed

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