The Trump’s Campaign Legal Team Unveiled Election Fraud and Legal Challenges in the 2020 Presidential Election

WASHINGTON, D.C.—today the Trump’s Campaign legal team unveiled election voter fraud and legal challenges surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election in major battleground states.

The contest is going to overturn the vote, said Rudy Giuliani.  There is no singular voter fraud a pattern repeats itself in a number of states.  They cheated in two respects–they cheated with machines.

The company who are counting our votes are owned by Venezuela

He has ordered the Banco Central de Venezuela to engage in discussions with Venezuelan bankers on the modalities of creating a clearing and settlement system in U.S. dollars. Maduro,  is taking a necessary step toward—officially dollarization in Venezuela. Maduro said, “I  first proposed this when I was President Rafael Caldera’s chief adviser in 1995.” 

The Trump’s Administration recognized the opposition leader Juan Guaidó, as interim president.  

Venezuela’s bolivar is worthless, and its annual inflation rate is the world’s highest. I measure it every day, and today it is 2,156 percent per year. Not surprisingly, Venezuelans get rid of their bolivars like hot potatoes and replace them with U.S. dollars. So, Venezuela is, to a large extent, unofficially dollarized.

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