Kirkland & Ellis Withdraws As Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State Attorney While Impeachment Star Barry Berke Subs In

PENNSYLVANIA—Kirkland & Ellis withdrew as the Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State attorney while the State is undergoing a tumultuous week of  voter fraud litigation.  Famed lawyer Rudy Giuliani has laid out a case of voter fraud occurring in battleground states that includes affidavits, of voter intimidation, fraudulently signatures, Precinct supervisors instructing staff to ignore missing signatures and undated and unsigned mail in ballots.

Kirkland & Ellis is seeking to withdraw from the  Secretary of State’s defense team–signaling trouble or the Secretary’s lawyers are seeking to buy time to prepare for litigation.  President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign has filed to challenge the ballot tally in Pennsylvania in federal court—and is ready to move forward with the lawsuit—while Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel partner Barry Berke looking to move in the defense seat with little defense to stand on.

The Trump’s Campaign litigation is not an impeachment hearing—Barry Berke, an attorney for the Majority on the Judiciary Committee, testified before the House Judiciary Committee during an Impeachment inquiry hearing into President Donald Trump, on Capitol Hill, which failed.

It appears that Rudy Giuliani has the Secretary of State legal team on the runs.  But hiring Berk indicates that Speaker Nancy Pelosi has gone underground to defend the vote–although she has remained silent.  But the Speaker has put in place her fighting legal team to stop Trump in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Berke has also been active in New York Democratic circles, and he is no stranger to high-profile political cases. In recent years, he represented Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York in a federal investigation into his campaign fund-raising, which concluded in 2017 without charges being filed.  But this case is a legal battle that even Berke–will have a difficult time arguing against the amount of voter fraud that has taken place across America.



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