SCOTUS Hears Arguments About The Battle of the Census and New Congressional Delegations

WASHINGTON, D.C.–today, twenty-seven states argued before the United States Supreme Court  to ask the court to affirm a lower court decision and block the White House proposal.  The lower court’s decision would allow several states to include illegal immigrants in there census.

Two of the most prominent small-state squeezes could happen in Rhode Island’s all-Democratic, two-member delegation and West Virginia’s all-Republican, three member delegation. Rhode Island is projected to shrink to just one at-large seat, which could pit Representatives Jim Langevin and David Cicilline against each other. (A potential out here could be the 2022 open gubernatorial race.) And in West Virginia, the state’s expected two new districts could divide the state into North and South, which may set up a battle between Representatives Alex Mooney and David McKinley.

During today’s arguments, the justices  seemed to suggest that if the government does not follow through on its plan to exclude all undocumented immigrants the challengers would not be able to show that they had the legal injury necessary to bring the case. The court could rule that the case is premature and sidestep a decision on the legality of Trump’s plan — a very narrow victory for the President.

Source: AP News contributed

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